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Understanding online learning technology requirements can be confusing. TechReady.io makes it easy. With one click or tap, TechReady.io checks more than 30 browser requirements and provides solutions to fix issues for today's online learning management systems.

Check Browser Requirements


Test Browser Requirements for Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace & More…

Cloud Based

ZERO software installation. TechReady.io runs gracefully in your browser with the hard work happening in the cloud. This allows for incredible speed, immediate scaling, and maximum flexibility.

Simple Interface

No ads. No clutter. Just a single click and TechReady.io will provide results for dozens of metrics in 30 seconds or less.

Secure Across Every Platform

Any device, system, and connection. We can get results on ALL of your connected devices. No personal information is ever kept or shared; just the information you need to succeed online.


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Browser Test Process

How TechReady.io Works

Once you click the button to start the test, TechReady.io uses your web browser to analyze more than 30 technology requirements from upload bandwidth to browser version to pop-up blocking (and more than 27 others).

Check Technology Requirements on All Devices

TechReady.io can run browser tests on any internet connected device. No downloads, no plugins. Just results, on any device.

Test Browser Requirements


Here’s what our members are saying about TechReady.io browser checker…

“TechReady.io is a simple but powerful capability, and it is exactly what I needed when I was CIO of a major university. It can quickly gather a set of information about certain essential characteristics of the computing platforms of an entire student body. This information is the key to making informed decisions that can save the university money and at the same time result in better service to the students. I just wish it had been available several years ago!”
“School administrators need better insight into the technology their students and faculty are using in the online classroom. TechReady.io will allow schools to quickly understand the needs of students and faculty in order to begin class on the right foot with the proper systems in place to succeed. This service will be invaluable for anyone taking part in an online program.”
"As a Dean, I never know if my remote faculty have the computers and internet bandwidth they need to engage with our students successfully. TechReady.io solves this problem by providing faculty with the assurance they need to know their technology is compatible, regardless of where they are logging in from. And it is fast! Thirty seconds tops. The Tech Ready team has developed a very useful service –I’m glad to have this resource available for my organization."

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