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No user-owned technology is LMS ready by default, but understanding technology requirements can be confusing. makes it easy. With one click, checks dozens of learning system requirements and provides solutions to fix issues common to today’s online learning platforms.

Check Browser Requirements


Test Technology Requirements for Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace & More…

Cloud Based

ZERO software installation. runs gracefully in your browser with the hard work happening in the cloud. This allows for incredible speed, immediate scaling, and maximum flexibility.

Simple Interface

No ads. No clutter. Just a single click or tap and provides results for dozens of metrics in 30 seconds or less.

Secure Across Every Platform

Any device, browser, and data connection; we offer results on ALL of your connected devices. No personal information is ever kept or shared; just the information you need to succeed online.

Browser Test Process

How Works

When you start a test, analyzes more than 30 technology requirements, from upload speed to browser version to pop-up blocking (and more than 27 others). Results are delivered in less than 30 seconds with links to fix issues common to using every learning system.

Organizations who join are able to customize which tests appear on their own branded site, as well as the pass/fail values important to their audiences.

And our TR Dashboard aggregates scan data system-wide to give administrators unprecedented insight into the distribution of technologies being used by their customers.

Fix problems without calling Tech Support

If a scan uncovers a problem, offers a solution that is easy to follow. No need to read through a list of minimum technical requirements, search a knowledge base, or call tech support for help. It’s self-service the way it’s meant to be.

“I tested my computer and found the test tool to be absolutely amazing, very user friendly, and extremely accurate … extremely beneficial and exactly what [my school] should continue using to ensure students have their computers set up properly for online applications."

David H. – Online student helps tech support, too!

Every scan is given a unique ID. Should a call to the help desk be needed, these IDs can be shared with support agents who locate results in their organization’s admin portal. This lookup feature gives unprecedented insight into a user’s computer settings without having to ask a dozen or more questions before addressing the problem.  All without installing anything or collecting personal information. This feature saves several minutes on every support call.

Test Browser Requirements


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